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Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali

Property Rights

Their Protectioin & Benefits


Why Intellectual Property requires to be registered
Sole purpose of registraton of immoavble property in the name of someone to confirm and certify by the competent authority that said perosn is the exclusive owner to use the same as he likes. No other person is allowed to interfere in the affairs of said property. Intellectual Property is defined to be a property under the law and Sharah like other immoveable properties so its registration is an imperative as the other properties. People have to protect their Intellectual property by registering the same with proper forum.
Benefits of IP registration
a) Possession of an immoveable property by a person does not mean that possessed property lawfully owned by him untill and unless registration is made in his favour by the Competent Authority. If a person uses a trade mark since long time would only be beneficial when the said trade mark registered in his favour otherwise no penal action is provided to be taken against the immitator.
b) Besides Criminal action against the immitators / violators, Civil remedies are also available under the law in favour of proprietors of registered trademarks and copyrights etc.
Registration of an Intellectual Property Right blesses the registered proprietor with the staisfaction that he is the genuine, actual and lawful owner of the same and he possess all those rights provided under the law.

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It is either good or bad.
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Trademarks   Journals

Every Trademark is accepted provisionally for registration by the Rgistrar of Trade Marks subject to publications in the trademark journal for want of objection. if no oposition lodged against the advertised mark from the entire world by any intrested person then the mark further proceeds for final registration. In view of this process of publications in the journal of the trademark has great importance so that a trade mark could not be registered without giving notice to the public, reasoning thereby every buisnessman has to take notice of the journl published every month regularly. For convenience of the public GM LAW is providing list of the journals since 1996.

Trademarks Journal For 2018

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